Feb 22, 2013

Good Night ..... Sweet Dreams... To My Love...

The night is not dark when your memories are bright
The day is not long when your presence is gifted

The summer is not burning when you smile cool
The winter is not colder when your breath is hot

The sunrise is not brighter as your eyes
The sunset is not reddish as your lips

The time is not enough when love is limitless
The world is not enough when we are together

Life is too short when i get my love on my side
Heartbeats are telling the passion is eternal

Please Forgive me I cant stop Loving you
Let me love you until i sleeps for ever

And ever after over the births, let this magic spells
And the Magic of Love bring miracles to happen

Good Night ..... Sweet Dreams... To My Love...


deeps said...

let the dream love go on sweetening...

Jayasree. P. R. said...

thank u deeps... :)

Jayasree. P. R. said...

the "dream"