Dec 28, 2012

I am in Love


 I am in Love . . . With whom!!!
 I am in Love . . . Since when!!!
 I am in Love . . . For what!!!
 I am in Love . . . Like How!!!
 I am in Love . . . How long!!!
 Let me carve the answers
 In the marble stones
 For when it demands eraser
 I should fail to find one...

With whom....
He is my magic man
Who wipes away my sorrows
Who fills joy in my share
Who evaporates all pains
Who heals all wounds
Curing the illness of heart
Since when...
He came in a September
With lots of love and care
Stayed along the lifeline
Offering flowers in all seasons
Celebrating the soul of amity
I called him my best friend
For what...
No answer  yet i can find
Still i assume what for as...
I smile when he laugh
I sigh when he is relieved
I am a child when he is blissful
A mother when he is in anguish
Like how...
I float on the daydreams often
I dance on the corridors likely
I sing the melodies artlessly
I kiss the portrait with passion
I make plea to the time to cease
For me to stay forever with him
How long...
Till my eyes go on blinking
Till my heartbeats keep the rhythm
Till my conscience see the world
Till my breath keeps me alive
After that a new birth as 'your love'
To love you more and more...


Nisha P.K said...

Time for you to get back to work dear... Come back...

Mahesh said...