Dec 14, 2012

Searching my love

I feel like floating light in the air

Plucking the stars from the sky

Bouncing the balls of clouds

Oh! Stars Do you see my love?

On your way to the horizon

Kindly recommend a route to him

Oh! The downpour of dewdrops

Lovingly passionate your presence

Help me to find his hidden presence

Oh! The shining milky moonlight

Focus your laughter around him

For me to spot him glowing in joy


Oh! Blooming flowers of paradise

Worship the colours over him

For me to witness the rainbow blush

Oh! Dear lotus of reddish love

Guide the nightingales to his place

For me to reach him in their melody

Oh! The Adorable angels of affection  

Come down to this heaven to dance

For me to wake him up to feel the love