Nov 29, 2012

Sundays come faster, and leave slower

Sundays come faster, and leave slower
And i have to spend a nothing-to-do day
i dont want Sundays to follow either
For i am remembered of the untold
The untold are written though...
For i seek a way to stand upright
Prior i hated Mondays, longed for Fridays
For they will fetch the lost peace
Said, time heals wounds, it wont be at heart
For it is irrepairable, due to daily scratches
Holidays welcomed by all, awaited by all
For it hosts togetherness of the loved
i dont want to entertain their intrusion
For it being a lonely tree in the wayside
Sundays come
slower, and leave faster


anish lal said...

hmm.. :-(

Rineez said...

Strage.. Sundays don't do that to everyone.