Jan 30, 2013

Can see clear in the darkness

Going on the way far… far…far..
Far from the intimates forever
Breaking the necessities of closeness
Waving the protected life a farewell

When the journey started …
I never knew where the destination is
I have been there for the appraisal
The patron of witty moments

They came into my life with desires
I offered them friendship
More than a friendship always
It routed to affection of the soul

I cared them as my family
I could never take me apart
The wishlist always brought me joy
But that was not the key to freedom


The “space” factor evolved inevitably
I didn’t know what space meant
It was delicate than a soap bubble
For it breaks all when constrained!!!

The space grew, the cracks widened
The followers fall into darkness…
I keep a candle burning for them
For they are the fuel for my life…

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