Jun 3, 2012

I see . . . But . . .

I see mangroves
But the fruits are rotten
I see rivers and streams
But the water is coloured
I see trees and plants
But the leaves are burnt
I see roads and footpaths
But the ways are lost
I see the sun and the moon
But the brightness is spotted
I see stars and planets
But the days are taking them away
I see skies and horizon
But far from my reach
I see high and low tides
But the waves are always parting
I see seagulls in the sea shore
But to say goodbye they come
I see mornings and evenings
But arriving only for departing
I see days and nights
But filled with egos and masks
I see many faces displayed
But shadows hinders clear vision
I see birth and death
But filling emptiness somewhere
I see festivals and celebrations
But someone is alone in the crowd
I see the hoppers singing
But forgetting to earn for the falls
I see life and lie
But surprisingly complimenting each other
I see vision and mission
But losing identity satisfying the other
I see the seasons changing
But never filling the space of the void
I see relations and the involved
But asking for their own space
I see myself staring at me often
But with a question “why do you care?”
I cant see the answers anywhere
But I believe that someone knows why is it so