May 16, 2011

The wait... It goes on and on and on . . .

Today The 82nd day
And I wait . . .
Whether it may 8 months
Or it may be 8 years
Or even decades
Seasons change and
One day you will also . . .
And that one day will be
More than a life time  . . .

Blossoms may fall
Dew drops may boil
Streams may find no way
Clouds may never shover
Breeze may no longer soft
Storms may flew lives with no mercy
Still the wait may not be over . . .

Skin may shrink in wrinkles
Teeth may fade in yellow
Hairs may old in silver
walk may lose steps
Fingers may shiver even in heat
Speech may slip in words
Still the wait may not be over . . .

Thoughts may break in links
Voices may echo in strange tone
Breath may no longer  consistent
Heart may not beat in harmony

And the closed eyes may never open
Still the wait may not be over . . .

It may go on and on . . .
Over seasons
Over Years
Over births and re-births
With passion
With commitment
And with the trust for return
I wait . . .


jazzjuzz4u said...

gud...but the wait 4 wot???

Jayasree. P. R. said...

for my best friend.... :(

Aravind NC said...

Wow... its great
Post more..


2 idath "" be "" missing und n thoni...if ufeel dat correct k.. has gud feel..niz

Jayasree. P. R. said...

and now passed 6 months :(

Shankar Nandakumar said...

Sairam.Dont Wait For Anything In This Beautiful World,But Start Expecting Frm Nw Onwards U Will Start Enjoying Ur Life Even Without Ur Knowledge,Think Abt Only Good Past Days,Even If Those Beautiful Days Are Gone For A Big Sunsrise In Ur Future Life,So Start Expecting,And Experience The Feel Magic,.....".If U Feel The Feel I Feel The Feel U Feel....."Life Is Really Beautiful,But Only When U R In Love With Life....So Start Expecting.....Sairam