Aug 2, 2008

"Death the Chilling Fascinator"

Loneliness, the most forbidden gift
Always offered, Wished to reject every time
Life laughed at me, several times
Failed on many occasions to survive
Searched for a shoulder to cry
Prayed for someone to come
to wipe off the tears
to flowerish the garden
to gift a relieving touch
to fill the days with care of happiness
to pull me out from haunting memories
Asked Myself "Whom do you most?"
The answer should have to be "Life"
But i could hear clearly the weeping
"Death-the chillness of eternity"
many times fascinated by its offerings
tempted to have his hands round me
to enjoy his cool breath touching down my neck
Yea i have started loving his freedom
And peace when in his traps
to forget all sorrows
to forget all pains
to run away from all responsibilities
The things which pulled me back to break up our love.
I can't see tears running down the cheeks "because" of me
But always loved to have tears "for" me in everyone
I love you all
Wanted to be loved by all
Always here to sacrifice for all
Care little for my happiness
Hardly love myself
Will be the happiest person
if i can bring cheers to you
Don't make my ex-lover yours please..........................


Prakash said...

First of all I would like to wish you for this very "nice" work. I know I am not a great person, to comment abt ur words. I always pray for you my dear...

chakochi said...

nice letter......

chakochi said...

i dnt knw wat to say ........really i liked